Lonart DS 80mg/480mg Tablet is a highly effective medication used to treat parasitic infections, such as Malaria, in both adults and children. It contains Artemether 80mg and Lumefantrine 480mg, which are antimalarial drugs that work by interacting with certain substances required for the malarial parasite present in the blood to perform its vital functions. This eradicates the malarial infection caused by Plasmodium falciparum strains of the malarial parasite.

This medication is particularly useful for treating Malaria disease that is resistant to other antimalarial medicines. It can also be used to treat uncomplicated Malaria disease in combination with other antimalarial medicines. The combination of this medication produces its action by killing the parasite that causes the infection and also helps to prevent future infections.


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Lonart-DS (Artemeter 80mg – Lumefantrine 480 mg) X 6 Tablets
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